What Valence is all about.

Putting Strategy in the Driver’s Seat.
On the marketing road, you’re only as safe as your driver. Picking the wrong driver means your efforts—and your investment—might crash and burn.

At Valence, our goal is for strategy to take the driver’s seat, so that each and every tactic makes sense. We don’t put “the cart before the horse” by letting wild concepts take over, veering your investment off course.

Strategy driving creativity to achieve results. It’s a simple mission—but a surprisingly rare one.

Big Ideas. Easy to Work With.
When you think of us, think “Big Easy.” It’s not just because we’re based in New Orleans. It’s because we create “big ideas” from proven facts and strategies—ideas that derive from an open dialogue about your needs, challenges and opportunities.

That’s also where the “easy to work with” part comes in. You’ll never find us force-fitting your marketing into a creative campaign just for creativity’s sake. What we do makes sense—for you, for us, and for the measurements of success we define together.

So Why Choose Valence?

Top Five Business Reasons.

  • Our team leaders deliver strategic insight and offer proactive marketing solutions—the result of dozens of years experiences across a variety of industries.
  • We hand pick creative teams. We craft uniquely contracted teams for each client, giving you access to specialized talent and broader resources for less.
  • We’ve been around the block. (In a business sense anyway.) But the trip around has put us well ahead of that next curve! Experience has taught us what works—and drives our passion for innovation and adaptation in a changing landscape.
  • We’ve already won awards. Been there; got the t-shirt. We’re never going to drag you into vanity projects that don’t match your needs and desired results.
  • We’re cost efficient. Sourcing from our pool of talented professionals delivers more results for less upfront investment, creating greater long-term savings and a lasting, profitable relationship.

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625 Celeste Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
Phone: 504.214.1886